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Probate can leave many families feeling frustrated and helpless. If you want to prevent your family from dealing with this stressful situation, you should consult a probate Attorney in Mt. Vernon, Republic & Springfield, MO. Cowherd Law Office counsels residents on legal ways to avoid probate through careful estate planning. This includes writing wills that follow Missouri state requirements, setting up trusts and appointing durable powers of attorney. We also assist clients by preparing living wills and trusts.

Sam Cowherd of Cowherd Law Office will be your dedicated probate attorney. He'll give your case the attention it deserves. He'll also give you guidance about transferring assets in an efficient manner.

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Probate Lawyer Mount Vernon, Republic, Springfield MO

What happens during probate?

After your loved one dies, the court will transfer your loved one's assets to the rightful beneficiaries. You can expect the court to...

  • Attempt to validate your loved one's will-
    Missouri has specific requirements for wills. It's crucial to work with an estate administration lawyer to ensure that your loved one's will check off the right boxes.
  • Pay off your loved one's debts-
    Creditors may make claims for a certain time period. A probate Attorney in Mt. Vernon, Republic & Springfield, MO will help you determine if those claims are valid.
  • Distribute your loved one's assets-
    If your loved one died without a valid will, the court will determine who receives your loved one's property.

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